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Affordable Korg Oasys 88 key piano keyboard synthesiz

by Ahmed - objavljeno 26.03.2019. - oglas je aktivan do 22.09.2019.

Cijena: 950 kn - Mjesto: houston
Tel: 5066547898765 - E-mail: moseleymanda422@yahoo.com - Pregleda: 747

For more information kindly contact below..


Whats App : +17036623880


Email : Purchaselect184@gmail.com


Our beautiful Korg Oasys 88 key synthesizer keyboard for sale in excellent condition. Available only at our Factory. “Because Music Should be Made with Gear!”


-Excellent condition (Brand New,overall in great shape.)

-Works perfectly, no functional issues. Touch screen is great as well.

-Power cord included

-Sounds absolutely amazing! Has all the tone and vibes you’d expect from a high-end keyboard.

-Want to know how we safely package and ship it? Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhQUFAVOvU8&t=3s to see!


Why order from our Factory?


-Shipping is fast! We ship within one business day and provide you with the tracking number.

-We ship anywhere on the planet. Please contact us for information.

-14yrs returns for any reason, no restocking fees!*

-Donations are made from a portion of each and every purchase to aid global and local mission organizations.

-Live virtual demos are available for the item via Facetime or Skype. Please contact us for details.


Music is art. It affects how we think, how we feel and how we live. The greatest music is made with and even inspired by Gear. The smell of a tube amp. The finish on a drum set. The beauty in the design of a synth. Gear can push our moods and feelings to create beyond the boundaries of ourselves.


This is why we exist at our Gear Factory. To inspire a rebellion against the white-washed virtual sounds of today’s music. We are heart broken by the reality that children are growing up believing that music magically appears out of a robotic cylinder. That it is created by entering zeros and ones into a keypad. This is the single greatest threat facing humanity today.


For more information kindly contact below..


Whats App : +17036623880


Email : Purchaselect184@gmail.com

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